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Entering Industry

Are you looking to enter the industry or pursing a certificate or degree in the industry? The local Build My Future 501(c)3 offers both scholarships and grants! Are you interested in a career in the industry but not sure of your path? Explore the many career pathways available to you at


High school seniors, previous scholarship recipients, and those who have attended a Build My Future event and are pursuing a degree in the construction or design industry in southwest Missouri, are welcome to apply for a scholarship with the application link below. A teacher or faculty evaluation is also required using the evaluation link below. Both the application and evaluation must be submitted to be considered.

The local Build My Future 501(c)3 is offering grants up to $500 for individuals entering the construction industry. The grants will help new hires (individuals employed in the construction industry 90 days or less) get the needed tools and safety equipment required on a job site. Items can include hand tools, work boots, safety equipment, toolboxes and more.  

To apply for a Build My Future grant, please use the application link below.